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Fred Faure

Fred Faure on percussion

Fred plays world percussion and has played with Bidaia for five years. 

Fred Faure studied traditional African music in Africa and France with musicians and dancers from the prestigious national ballet Mohamed Bangoura (percussionist Grands Ballets of Guinea), Vincent Harisdo (a Benin choreographer), Mav Mavoula and Die Loussakamounou (National Ballet Congo - Brazzaville) and Hyacinthe Massamba ( Drums of Brazza ). 

His creativity, musical diversity and openess to new ideas has greatly contributed to Bidaia's original sound. 

Reference percussionist in Aquitaine, he played and recorded with many ensembles such as Yaninga, David Cairol, Baptiste and Aleman and Gabacho Maroconnection.


The unique sound of bidaia finds its origin in its creators : mixel ducau, a basque composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist and caroline phillips, a californian singer-songwriter and hurdy-gurdy player of greek and persian origin.

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