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Mixel Ducau

Mixel Ducau

Mixel Ducau is the musical genius behind Bidaia's unique sound, both a composer and arranger he also writes some lyrics in Basque. On vocals, guitars, flutes, ttun-ttun and alboka ...

A native of the Basque Country (France) and founder of the very successful Basque contemporary rock group Errobi.

Both musician and artistic director, Mixel decided to study traditional Basque music on the alboka, ttun-ttun and acoustic guitar.

His musical experience is forged through collaboration with the Compagnie Bernard Lubat and Joseba Tapia (diatonic accordion). 

His talent as a powerful vocalist, a tradition in the Basque Country, only enhances his appeal as a composer and excellent musician. Mixel plays so many instruments that the phrase “what DON’T you play ?” frequently arises in conversations… Take a look at the many instruments he plays and some of his musical past. 

See Mixel playing the alboka
(Bidaia)… surprises by its ability to re-invent Basque folk music with atypical instrumentation (Andalousian cajon, Maroccan Darbouka, Hurdy-Gurdy) with the spirit of Ry Cooder (the guitar work, the blues and swing of the music) and will go much farther than [ the Basque artists ] Junkera, Alboka or Oskorri. - El Correo Digital

Mixel also plays, composes and arranges with the band Oreka TX.

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The unique sound of bidaia finds its origin in its creators : mixel ducau, a basque composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist and caroline phillips, a californian singer-songwriter and hurdy-gurdy player of greek and persian origin.

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