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Thank you for coming to our concert

Hello, nice to meet you kiss here are the translations to the songs played Saturday evening and on Sunday during the promenade.

Saturday (Larunbata) :

Oihan - Nun Zira - Oihan
Eguzkie Yoan da
Ama Euskadi
Ze Poza


Oihan, every morning the dawn appears
Confirming that we are here to love each other
The beating of a heart far away yet so near
Means nothing if it has no one to love

Mari (Basque "Mother Nature"), why do you smile so coldly at me ?
My heart is scared to falter yet thirsty for love
Is there a fairy made for me somewhere out there,
A companion to share in my joys and my sorrow ?

NUN ZIRA (Where are you ?)
The singing brooks, the shiny leaves
The mushrooms who perfume the morning aren't sleeping
Nature's kiss would be enough
If my senses weren't lost in the stars

The echo of my heart is so silent
That I feel drunken solitude too near
A loser's destiny blows through me
How far must I go to meet love ?

Your smile, thirsty for fire
Where are you fairy ? Where are you ?

Laminak of the caves, hear my call
It is now that I most need you
Gather the spirits, call up the rainbow
I only want to try my hand at love

Your smile, thirsty for fire
Where are you fairy ? Where are you ?

....... ( Instrumental : Dance of the Laminak ) ..........

Each new day brings joy
How many moons Oihan, have you been waiting for this ?
Now love tenderly, violently & simply
But don't regret the past

>>> A bit of context :

Laminak are creatures from Basque Mythology which take the form of women with chicken feet. In exchange for food and pretty things, they'll help man build bridges and churches. In this instance they've helped Oihan find his love. 


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The unique sound of bidaia finds its origin in its creators : mixel ducau, a basque composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist and caroline phillips, a californian singer-songwriter and hurdy-gurdy player of greek and persian origin.

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