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Bidaia, group musique

Bidaia's new album "Hitza" features original compositions by the band and lyrics written by well-known Basque poets Xabier Amuriza, Jon Maia and Daniel Landart.

The unique sound of BIDAIA finds its origin in its creators : Mixel Ducau, a Basque composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist and Caroline Phillips, a Californian singer-songwriter and hurdy-gurdy player of Greek and Persian origin.

Together, they have created music that is both Basque and universal, inspired by traditional melodies and dances yet enriched by world folklore.

Bidaia is like an acoustic 'LED ZEPPLELIN' with the hurdy-gurdy ! - Vuoriman

Bidaia’s repertoire is mostly original compositions as well as some traditional Basque songs sung in Basque.

Traditional Basque instruments, like the alboka (a small hornpipe – played with circular breathing) and ttun-ttun (stringed-percussive inst.) are combined with instruments from other musical traditional such as acoustic guitar, the hurdy-gurdy & the bamboo clarinet.

In any country, in any language, through music, spirits unite. We hope that this album will be a bridge between people.


Bidaia performs in 2 different formations : 

- as a group (4 musicians)
- as a duo (2 musicians)

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El sonido único de BIDAIA se debe al encuentro de Mixel Ducau, Vasco desde muchas generaciones, cantante, compositor y multiinstrumentista y Caroline Phillips, americana de origen griega-iraní-escoces, cantante, compositora y zanfoñista.