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Matthieu Haramboure

Matthieu Haramboure, bass and production

Matthieu plays the bass and also co-produced Bidaia's new album, HITZA with his production company Belarri. 

Musicien, producer and arranger, Matthieu Haramboure developed his musical personality through varied life experiences. From a family of
music lovers, as a young traditional dancer (Basque folk-dancing) his taste for rhythm led him to learn and master the electric bass on his own while he completed his musical education at the conservatory in Bayonne in music theory and cello.

He began to work with local groups such as Txakun (traditional) and King Mafrundi (carribbean). He continued on his creative journey with Doctor Deslai, Briganthya or Bidaia.

As an instrumentalist (bass) he has played with some of the major artists of the Basque music scene : Peio & Pantxoa, Knörr, Urko, Gontzal Mendibil, Txomin Artola, Anje Duhalde, Niko Etxart, Xabi San Sebastian ... since 2014 he has worked with Benoit Lamerain and Maitena Duhalde to form the group HNKA.

After studying sound in the early 2000s he began to produce albums of different styles such as Trikizio, Briganthya, Maitips (Catalonia), or Ayle Yaninga. Matthieu has recorded and co-produced the album « Hitza » with his production company Belarri.

Matthieu Haramboure on bass
While conveying a strong Basque identity through traditional rythyms (banako, fandango, mutil dantza) and language, Agur Shiva offers a unique musical voyage. - Matthieu Haramboure

Matthieu owns the production company, Belarri

The unique sound of bidaia finds its origin in its creators : mixel ducau, a basque composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist and caroline phillips, a californian singer-songwriter and hurdy-gurdy player of greek and persian origin.

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